United Arab Emirates

Hong Kong and India are each other's 7th largest trade partners. Hong Kong is the fourth largest destination for India's exports, and is also a re-exporter of Indian goods to mainland China.

Commercial and Economic Relations

In 2008-13, India emerged as one of the biggest trade partner of the UAE with bilateral trade between the two countries exceeding US$75 billion. UAE and India are one of each other's largest trading partners. The trade totals over $75 billion.

Bilateral Trade

According to Government of India figures, in FY 2015-16, trade between India and UAE crossed US$ 49bn, with Indian exports worth US$ 30bn to the UAE and US$ 19bn worth of UAE's exports to India, thus making UAE India's one of the top trading partner. Indian businessmen and traders have contributed significantly to the economic fabric of UAE. Indian professionals also occupy important positions in various banks, private companies and business establishments in the country. The unskilled and semi skilled workers from India are a dominant force in the construction industry. The contribution of Indians to the growth of UAE is acknowledged by the rulers and the people of UAE.