May 24, 2024

UK opens 3,000 visa slots for Indians through ballot system. Get details here

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The UK is offering 3,000 visas for Indian professionals through the India Young Professionals Scheme. This is a ballot-based system and charges no extra fee. Get details of the UK visa scheme here.

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New Delhi,UPDATED: Feb 20, 2024 15:25 IST

Written By: Girish Kumar Anshul

The United Kingdom is offering 3,000 visas to Indian professionals through a new ballot system, allowing them to live, work, or study in the country for up to two years. The British High Commission in India announced the India Young Professionals Scheme, which targets Indian citizens aged 18-30.

It’s free to enter the ballot system. One only needs to pay the visa cost ie, £298 (approximately Rs 31,100).

“There are 3,000 places available for the India Young Professionals Scheme visa in 2024. Most places will be made available in the February ballot. The remaining places will be made available in the July ballot,” stated the UK government website.

The ballot window will be open from Tuesday (February 20), at 2:30 pm India Standard Time, to February 22, giving eligible applicants the chance to pursue their careers in the UK.

“If you are an Indian graduate who wants to live, work or study in the UK for up to 2 years, you can enter the ballot for a chance to apply for a visa,” posted the British High Commission in India on X.

As per the UK government’s rules, Indians who can apply need to give specific information to enter the ballot. People should also make sure that they meet the financial, educational, and other requirements before applying for a visa.

The successful entries will be picked randomly from the ballot. The applicants will get an email with the results within 2 weeks after the ballot closes.

“You’ll have 90 days from the date of the email to apply online, pay the visa application fee, including the immigration health surcharge, and provide your biometrics,” reported the UK government website.

Published By: 

Girish Kumar Anshul

Published On: 

Feb 20, 2024

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