June 25, 2024
pexels photo 3763190

pexels photo 3763190

New UAE Visa Requirements: Travelers Must Have INR 68,000; Visa and Return Tickets Alone Insufficient

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The UAE offers Visit Visas for various purposes, such as visiting family, tourism, and job hunting. Recent reports indicate that UAE immigration authorities have heightened inspections at airports to identify individuals entering on a visit visa with the intent to seek employment.

According to the reports, several travelers from Kottayam and Idukki districts in Kerala were detained due to insufficient travel documents. These checks began at Kochi and Kozhikode airports in Kerala. Following these detentions, the screening process has become more stringent. Recently, more than 20 passengers were prevented from boarding flights at Cochin International Airport alone. Similarly, up to five travelers are denied boarding daily at Calicut International Airport. This has led to approximately 30 passengers in Kozhikode canceling their travel plans.

Airlines are now strictly enforcing rules that require tourists to present hotel reservations and have 5,000 dirhams (about INR 1.3 lakh) for expenses. Passengers with only a visa and return ticket were not allowed to board flights, despite providing visa details and contact information for relatives or friends in the UAE. Those who had their trips canceled did not receive refunds or rescheduling options and faced long waits at the airport before returning home.

An airline official mentioned receiving directives about the necessity of hotel booking documents and a 5,000 dirhams buffer, in addition to visas and return tickets. Airlines are held responsible for passengers who lack proper documentation upon arrival in the UAE, facing fines of 5,000 dirhams per passenger. For the first time, airports are implementing measures requiring travelers to have or access 3,000 dirhams (approximately INR 68,000) for a one-month visa and 5,000 dirhams for longer stays, with credit cards meeting these limits being accepted.

Dubai immigration authorities have issued the following guidelines for visitors on tourist visas:

  1. Airport officials will inquire about the purpose of the visit, accommodation arrangements, and available funds for expenses. Insufficient responses may lead to detention.
  2. Visitors on tourist visas are prohibited from seeking employment, and travel or recruitment agencies cannot promise job opportunities.
  3. Those on employment visas must complete visa procedures upon entry to work legally.
  4. Tourists should provide information about their hotel accommodations, return tickets, and available funds.
  5. Visitors staying with friends or relatives may need to show copies of their hosts’ visas and passports, along with contact details and accommodation information.

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